Turning ideas into Projects

Aus Ideen werden Projekte

BRIX designs, coordinates and produces to artistic standards and with a sense of feasibility.

Whether as a finished text, a sketch for a show or just a gut feeling - no matter at what stage your ideas are, exactly at this point we will take you in and develop with you to the right concept. We will review the framework and conditions and support your project not only dramaturgically and artistically but also financially and organizationally.

BRIX bringt Menschen zusammen

BRIX brings people together - with know-how and enthusiasm.

For us the successful implementation of ideas, means bringing together the right people at the right time to the right place. They are professionals who pursue a common goal with an enthusiasm and who enjoy their work. Here lies our strength, we find the right fellow campaigner to turn your idea into a successful project! We see ourselves as a dedicated partner and a professional service or also as a co-producer.

gemeinsam mit einem Netzwerk kreativer Profis

BRIX realizes - alongside a network of creative professionals.

Twenty years of experience in theater, festivals, events and entertainment have grown into a network of ambitious creative professionals, technicians, producers and service providers with whom we happily and constantly work with. Amicable cooperation, mutual trust and a common language all help ideas to be considered without any prejudice which makes it possible to analyze all the strengths and weaknesses of projects so that can be implement quickly and easily.